Terms and Conditions

Viajes Integrados La Gomera SL Terms and Conditions. I-AV-0000485.1 

As a person in charge of the reservation and the rent of the tourist housing apartment, I read and accept the conditions of the present contract for being able to do the reservation.

1. Servicios Integrados La Gomera tries to promote an affable, cordial and responsible relation with their clients.

2. The received information is considered to be correct and sufficient for the enjoyment of the stay.

3. The clients having realized the reservation and all the doubts have been exposed.

4.That Servicios Integrados La Gomera gives very concrete services, which are, making the contact between the client and the owner of the housings and once inside of it, and fulfilling with all the obligations mentioned in this contract it finishes their responsibility and passes to belong to the owners of the reserved accommodation.

5. That the team of Servicios Integrados La Gomera will be charmed on solving any doubt that could appear during the stay, always it is being made inside respect and mutual warmth.

6. If the clients cannot or do not want to enjoy the housing for meteorological reasons or for any other circumstance , we promise to look for alternatives depending on the full price and availability, but there will never be indemnification or return of the deposit.

7. The rent has to be paid like very late the third day of the stay; the pay could be done in our office or to the owner according to the conditions, letting you to know about it.

8. The amount of the pre reservation is 20 % of the rent and has to be paid directly after receiving the booking confirmation by bank transfer or by credit card. The client must leave us a guarantee of the revenue in our account facilitated to such an effect; the client should indicate his name, date of entry and exit and the chosen housing.

9. If you cancel your reservation for any reason, you have to send us the cancellation by e-mail or fax.
Please have in mind the following cancellation fees:
cancellation until 28 before the beginning of the reservation 20 % of the rent
cancellation until 21 before the beginning of the reservation 40 % of the rent
cancellation until 14 before the beginning of the reservation 60 % of the rent
cancellation until 7 before the beginning of the reservation 80 % of the rent
cancellation 0-6 days before the beginning of the reservation 100 % of the rent

10. At the day of the arrival the apartment/house will be ready for occupation at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The day of the departure it has to be left until 12 o’clock in a clean and tidy condition.

11. That this contract gives itself accepted on the part of the client, once realized the reservation.

12. The present contract will give itself finished as soon as our client arrives to the chosen housing and has fulfilled all the conditions.