The best beaches in La Gomera: Valle Gran Rey

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The best beaches in La Gomera: Valle Gran Rey

You can experience a deep sea feeling along this coastline. You will find countless bays and amazing beaches of pristine and calm waters with black sand or pebbles, located between spectacular cliffs. You will enjoy a bath in the most unusual setting.

Playa de Vueltas:

Vueltas kept its traditional atmosphere as a fisher village but you will find also shops, restaurants, apartments and the access to the beach which is protected of the steep face of Teguerguenche and offers a view to the fisher boats as well as the sport boats. The beach is calm the whole year and here you also can start different activities like snorkel, kayak, stand up paddle, fishing and whale watching.

Playa de Vueltas, Puerto de Vueltas, valle Gran Rey, Playa, Arena Negra, ocio, actividades, La Gomera, pesca, nautica
Vista panorámica de la Playa de Vueltas.

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La Condesa:

La Condesa is a ideal place to see the sunset and enjoy the magic light of the twilight.

During the high tide many times surfer are have a lot of fun in the waves and coming the low tide you can find a lot of puddles between the rocks with small fishes, different kind of shells, starfish, sea urchin and small octopus living inside, typical for Canary Islands.

Puesta de sol, La Condesa, Valle Gran Rey, Surf, Playa, Volcanica
Puesta de sol desde La Condesa

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El Charco del Conde:

The perfect pool in Valle Gran Rey with black sand and services nearby. Its easy access from the road alongside, the cleanliness, rubbish bins, green zone and the sand, where you can set out towels and put up parasols, makes this the perfect spot for a family day at the beach pretty much all year round.

If you are looking for a quieter bathing spot for the kids in La Gomera, this is it, without doubt. Situated in Valle Gran Rey, one of the most beautiful corners of the Canary Islands, this natural pool is perfect for adults and children. At high tide the pool provides a pleasant lake for all ages to swim in, and when the tides starts to ebb away smaller children can have loads of fun in a pool that is almost always protected from the open seas.

Playa, Charco del Conde, La Gomera, Valle Gran Rey, niños, familia
Charco del Conde, the most family-friendly natural pool in La Gomera

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La Puntilla:

Along the coast between the Charco del Conde and the beach called Playa La Calera you will find the local part of La Puntilla. The beach with the same name leads to La Playa and has black sand but also pebble stones, clear water and during the summer it is calm. On some days during the winter time you can observe impressive waves. In La Puntilla you will find quiet tourist accommodations with sea view or panoramic view the valley up. It’s a magic place where you can enjoy fantastic sun sets. Here are also some shops, bars and restaurants.

Puesta de sol, playa, La Puntilla, Valle Gran rey, La Gomera
Puesta de sol mágica en La Puntilla, Valle Grann Rey – La Gomera

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Playa de La Calera o La Playa:

The local part of La Playa offers a lot of accommodations for holiday guests as well as bars, restaurants, shops and supermarkets. The beach named Playa La Calera, which is next to the village, is the largest of Valle Gran Rey with 1km length and 22m amplitude. It has black sand and pebble stones, clear water and the most days of the year moderate waves so that you can enjoy this beach all over the year. In the afternoon a lot of people meet here to watch the sunset and to enjoy the fire shows given during the winter months and the sound of the drums.

La Playa, Playa Calera, La Gomera, Valle Gran Rey, Arena negra,
La Playa o Playa de La Calera

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Playa del Inglés:

Unlike other unspoilt and naturist beaches in the Canary Islands, this destination is close to restaurants, entertainment and other services. There is even a sports centre. It is a short walk to the volcanic sand where one can relax and take in the views of the mountains and the endless ocean. The perfect holiday cocktail.

Located in the south-westernmost corner of the beautiful Valle Gran Rey. At certain times visitors to the beach must watch out for waves

The guaranteed sunshine, the large expanses of sand at low tide and the liberal atmosphere on this beach in the south of La Gomera are all good reasons to visit and enjoy a stroll on the sands. The sunsets are so good that it’s really a crime not to wait for them.

Playa del Inglés, La Gomera, valle Gran rey, Islas canarias, arena negra
Playa del inglés en La Gomera.

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